A Portrait of San Andreas

SAN ANDREAS is one of the country's most diverse destinations, known for it huge size and incredible variety. San Andreas is justly celebrated for its 3 wildly different cities, each with their own style and attractions to offer - Los Santos with its celebrity and sprawling ghettos, San Fierro with its electric artist comunity, and Las Venturas with the glitz and glamour of casinos.


San Andreas is an ethnic microcosm, it receives the highest number of immigrants and its racial makeup si the most diverse in the world. Nearly every ethnicity and culture is represented in all of San Andreas. Some have said that the race diversity and the cohesiveness of its citizens should be looked upon as a model society for the world to emulate. 
Walk through any of the three most populated cities (Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas) and you are a bound to witness a melting pot of diversity and ethnicities.

As the largest state in the nation, San Andreas has a diverse topography. This is exemplified by the majestic Mount Chiliad in Whetstone, the dense forests of Red County, the dry deserts of Bone County and the scenic water fronts that surround the entire state. San Andreas is not just a celebration of man-made infrastructure but a true testament to Mother Nature's grace, scale and complexity in this great state.

As one might imagine with a state as enormous as San Andreas, the economy is a leviathan itself. San Andreas three major cities have a diverse range of what they contribute to the state's economy. For instance, Los Santos (Vinewood) continues to be a major world center for motion picture, television and other related entertainment industries. San Fierro is the shipping capital of the nation (if not the world), where hundreds of cargo ladenships enter and exit its bay every day. Last but not least, we have San Andreas' cash cow... Las Venturas. A place where millions of people flock to every year to gamble away their children's college fund, life savings, the house, and everything else to fuel their "leisure pursuit".

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